Shadows House anime


One must never forget their eternal gratitude to the Shadows House. ~The Lord of the Shadows House and the Shadow Family, The Grand Creator AKA, The Great Grandfather You mustn’t think unnecessary thoughts. Living Dolls must feel nothing but loyalty toward…

ESO Blackwood

Exploring ESO: Blackwood

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood! The fifth expansion of ESO and the first expansion I have ever played in this long-running and legendary MMO. In this Exploring ESO series, I’m going to dive into all the already out expansions…

Deathloop Review

Deathloop Review – The Jack of All Trades

Deathloop is the new IP from Bethesda and developer Arkane Lyon. The game is a continuation of the gameplay style that Arkane is known for from the Dishonored series but to say it’s just like Dishonored is not only an oversimplification but would not be doing Deathloop any justice. In fact, this may be one of the most complicated games I have ever reviewed. But does the game crumble underneath all that complexity? Or does the complexity make the game engaging? Read on to find out.


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