Chunker is now available Early Access

2D bullet hell Rougelite Action Chunker is now available Early Access! SHIFTICK Corp. announced in July that it will start Steam Early Access of the indie PC game Chunker. Chunker is a bird’s-eye view 2D rouge-lite bullet shooting action game. It…

Xbox Game Pass - Lv1 Gaming

New Game Pass, Who This?

So, it would appear some sinister things are afoot at Microsoft. They’ve only gone and done the unthinkable regarding its baby, Game Pass. Yes, you heard me correctly, Xbox Game Pass has undergone a change over at Xbox, and some gamers…

Orange Cast Gets a Release Date!

Orange Cast from developer Team Rez and publisher Valkyrie Initiative is an upcoming sci-fi RPG. Dive into an atmospheric adventure in a large-scale setting where Soviet and Western science fiction are combined for a unique and engaging adventure. Visit many different…


Xsyon Finally Gets Pets!

In celebration, Xsyon is on a massive sale (less than $10) for the next two weeks! Players can now feed and tame creatures in the wild. As a result, these pets can follow basic commands and be kept and displayed in…

Ourea Is Out Now on Steam and Itch.io!

Ourea is a story-driven, cinematic puzzle game with a focus on cinematography from Rewrite Games, on Steam and Itch.io right now. Players will work to uncover the mysteries of the world as the game unfolds through a single, unbroken shot. Additionally,…


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