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Capital Games, the creators of the hugely successful mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, are making a significant change to the game. For years, special characters known as “Legendaries” were released, serving as cornerstones in a player’s inventory. However, it appears that this arrangement is under threat for many players in the community.

Capital Games Has Decided to Alter the Deal

The Developers have just revealed the Fifth Brother’s kit, which will be the final member required to complete a full team of Inquisitors. For those who are unfamiliar, the Inquisitors are Jedi hunters for the Galactic Empire. In Galaxy of Heroes, the Inquisitors that are currently available are generally lackluster characters. Critics believe this is no accident since it seems Capital Games basically sells the solution to players. Enter the Grand Inquisitor from the TV show Rebels. While the details of his kit are not yet available. The developers claim that the Grand Inquisitor will supercharge the team to the point where they will be able to take on some Galactic Legends.

The issue here is how players will be able to unlock him. Capital Games has deemed the Grand Inquisitor a Legendary character which members of the community take issue with. All five Inquisitors at Relic 5 are required to unlock him. Keep this in mind because it will be important later.

Capital Games are Altering the Deal

The last “Legendary” character we were given before the Inquisitors was Starkiller from the legendary Force Awakens games. His requirements are four characters at Relic 5. Slightly cheaper than the Grand Inquisitor, but it is still heavily marketed to late-game players. The game’s power creep has resulted in these “steep” requirements. Power creep refers to the natural progression of a character’s overall power or ranking as new ones are introduced. Consider it as new characters coming to the game and having to outdo the previous character. The majority of the community understands and even accepts this principle as normal in the lifecycle of a game. To keep the lights on, all businesses must make money. There’s also a growing suspicion that Capital Games is following in the footsteps of its parent company, EA, and going far too far in this pursuit.

There are two kinds of gear levels in Galaxy of Heroes. Levels 1-13 are the standard gear levels, and once a character reaches gear 13, they can begin to have relics applied to them that go all the way up to Relic 9. The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), the main character of the Disney+ series, was the last legendary character who did not have relic-related requirements. There was no mandatory gear requirement for the December 2020 release, only that the characters be 7 stars.

Pray They do not Alter it Any Further

The stars are another form of progression in the game, but they are unimportant for this discussion. Getting a character to 7 stars is much easier than getting that character to relic level (aside from the fact that 7 stars is required to get past gear 11 but again still easier). December 2020 was the last time players who are newer to the game or those who don’t spend money could feasibly get their hands on the new legendary character at the time they came out.

Capital Games, on the other hand, added the Journey Guide to the game early in 2020. The Journey Guide allowed players to work towards obtaining all previous legendary characters without having to wait for their respective events to rotate back around. Allowing players to pursue any legendary at any time was a huge success and was well-received by the community. Older legendary characters include Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, Rey from The Last Jedi, and many more. The majority of older legendary characters become available at 5 stars (some at 7 stars), and there were no mandatory gear requirements.

In 2022, the fear is that the idea of a legendary character requiring anything less than full relics is out of the question for Capital Games. Newcomers will simply have to wait and grind out the requirements, which can take up to a year. This depends on the legend in question as well as the specific requirements. A new legendary character does not have to be part of the meta to be a very good character.

Everyone Plays Differently

Don’t forget that a lot of players are only collecting specific teams because they looked cool in the movies. Everyone is playing the game their own way and assigns different values to each character. Aside from that, a sizable portion of the community pays an average of $450 in order to unlock all of the normal characters the day they go live. It’s simply absurd to believe that nickel and diming is the only way Capital Games can make money. The people who make these decisions should seriously reconsider the decision that all future legendaries should have mandatory relic requirements.

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