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Resident Evil fans have been treated to a batch of content over the past few years. We saw a live action film and TV series and a animated series. The animated films get a new entry later this year. Capcom also gave us remakes to the popular Resident Evil 2 and also the following games in the series in Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and this year Resident Evil 4. We also saw the return of Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village. They also shut down a fan remake for the original game and Code Veronica. The Resident Evil Remake had a demo which started before the outbreak started and before the events of Resident Evil Zero.

We have had a fan remake cancelled before. We saw the fan remake of Resident Evil 2 suffer that fate. Though the developers decided to rework the progress made. That game was then given a new lease of life under the name of Daymare 1998. Since then they have started work on a new title in that franchise which is the prequel, Daymare 1994: Sandcastle. So could this give hope Code Veronica would get a full remake. It’s a remake I would dearly love and it hasn’t been ruled out either as we know.

Capcom Have More Resident Evil To Come – Let’s Find Out

Code Veronica, I’ve previously said is not my favourite in the franchise. However I still think it’s a fantastic game. It’s a game I enjoyed more than the third game or Resident Evil 5, 6, 7 or Village. So could fans see this follow the recent remakes? The news is it could though it seems this could happen. We know of a survey which asked what game fans want to see remade. So it seems the fans have a voice. Though we have to wait and see what or any remake Capcom decide to pursue.

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