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At the start of 2019 I had zero clue who BTS was. If I had to guess at the time I just would have said that they were just some KPOP group. Before I continue I must say to the millions of ARMY out there I apologize. I now know that BTS is way more and beyond just a KPOP group. My knowledge of modern music I admit is not that extensive. I have always preferred music from the ’90s as I feel I connect to it more. Of course, there are some artist now who I really enjoy, I am not an old man waving my stick saying all music today is terrible. With that said I would have never guessed I would be enjoying music I could not comprehend.

How it all started

As a huge anime fan, I have always loved Japanese opening themes and my anime with subtitles. Though I love a lot of opening themes I never considered them as real music. So when I first saw a really good friend of mine Niko speaking on BTS on twitter I initially brushed it off as something I could never truly vibe to. It was not long before friends do what friends do and he convinced me to come on to his youtube channel and experience Korean music and BTS for the first time. I was told not to youtube or google anything because he wanted, like all of his videos, the reaction to be authentic.

BTS Reaction Youtube Channel

The video was set to be recorded a week away. Quickly this week became extremely long because I wanted to see what I was getting in to. Niko expressed to me that he had the perfect song for me to be introduced to. The day came and I was set to do a reaction video to the song IDOL and I admit, I had no idea what was being said but I felt something. I felt the music, I felt the vibes, I felt the joy of just having a good time. Music does not always give me that type of good joyful feeling. It was like hearing Pharrels’s Happy for the first time. You can not help but to be happy listening to it.

Who is V?

One person stood out to me the most and that was V. Secretly Niko knew that he was what ARMY would call my bias. Maybe it was the red hair or his wardrobe but I was definitely interested in who he was. I later find out that V has an incredibly soulful voice. A voice that I would have never in a million years would have guessed he would have. This prompted Niko to once again invite me to do another reaction video this time to V’s Singularity. Once again I had to wait a week before hearing this song he believed was for me. He did not disappoint, from the moment Singularity begun I was hooked. And the music video is something to behold. Those who have seen it know. I could not believe that was his other arm by the way he cleverly maneuvered it. I could not believe I was becoming a fan of a new genre of music. For three days straight Singularity played in my car. I was even prompted to look into the lyrics so I can have a true understanding of what was being said. V had become my 1st BTS bias. And Niko from WhatchaGot2Say was turning me into a fan of music from BTS. Who would have ever thought that? Not me!    

8 thoughts on “Becoming A BTS Fan Because Of A BTS Fan

  1. Cindy says:

    Great article! Thank you for sharing your experience and for keeping an open mind!
    Honestly, their discography is so vast and they explore so many styles and genres that I feel like there could be something for most people to enjoy.

  2. Thank you for taking time to reply. I am truly grateful for Niko introducing me to BTS and their incredible fan base.

  3. AMA says:

    Great article, very sincere and respectful.
    And welcome to the ARMY

  4. Sophie says:

    This was a great read and so nice to hear your perspective of how the music made you feel, even though you couldn’t understand the lyrics. I think it’s something so simple but so difficult for many people to grasp but the second you give it a chance, your hooked. Thank you!

  5. Mel says:

    I’m so happy to hear you are discovering a new genre of music. I discovered BTS back in 2015 but it wasn’t until after 2016 when my anxiety became a constant companion that I truly fell into the ARMY and BTS world to find healing, friendship and renewed hope for myself and the world. It sounds dramatic but I kid you not.

    Taehyung (V) was also the first one to catch my attention and became my first bias (that changed after getting to know the rest of the members but I love them all!) I talk about it in my own blog. Hope you give it a read.

  6. D’Alice says:

    I’m also a huge anime fan and dabbled a bit with Jpop because of show openings and OST’s and was also introduced to BTS by a good friend. When I first saw V, I immediately said he looked like an anime character, but in the beginning, I was just there for moral support. People around us were extremely judgmental to her fandom, and I totally know how that feels. However, after attending a concert movie with her, I. WAS. HOOKED (it was the rap line that did it) Next thing I know I’m singing in super incorrect broken Korean and traveling to Chicago for my first show.

    When I stumbled across Nico’s channel, I actually watched your reactions together first. I was surprised and elated that here were two black males (I’m a black female), roughly the same age as me, probably also raised on 90’s R&B, east coast/west coast rap battles and bumped Dr. Dre’s The Chronic from a cassette tape (Well, I’m maybe slightly older) but here were people I could easily identify with who also fell down this rabbit hole of Kpop not knowing where it would lead.

    I was actually wondering where you went as I didn’t see you on any more reactions. I’m a little tardy to the party when it comes to reaction videos and finding your peoples online to enjoys fandoms with (I’m not *that* old, I just work a lot) So if you do, I’m sure it will once again be fantastic and would enjoy seeing how your ride on this journey has come along. Sorry such a long response but THANK YOU, and no matter what, you ARMY too!

    1. OMG, thank you so much for this comment. It os rare to meet people where I from who has had the same experience being introduced to KPOP & BTS. I definitely plan on being on Niko’s channel again. I have just been extremely busy building this website. You will for sure see me again! Thank you!

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