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BTS’ Comeback Permission to Dance is now available to stream and download on major platforms.

Check out the video here!

BTS’ Comeback Permission to Dance is the celebration as we near the end of COVID.

My guys never disappoint!! “Butter” has been going strong at #1 on Billboard for SIX WEEKS!  It broke the “Dynamite” record and I think this new song will blast through “Butter”.  We’ll see!

“Permission to Dance” is an amazing, upbeat, celebratory song to get us out of our two-year funk.  Writers are Ed Sheeran, Jenna Andrews (“Dynamite”), Johnny McDaid, and Steve Mac.

This song will stay in your head.  A pop classic, in English! The track has similar chords to Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”.  I’m not mad at it, that’s the wave they’re riding and it’s working.  The melody and the beat stick with you and make you happy. Like, little kid happy. 🤗

“‘Cause when we fall, we know how to land”.   

“The wait is over, the time is now, so let’s do it right.”

BTS’ Comeback Permission to Dance

BTS always has a vision to bring the best out of people and find a way to the light through the darkness.  This is why they’re as big as they are.

The start of the video is a waitress holding a stack of pancakes (reference “Butter”), in an empty diner, with a mask on, looking out of the window.

BTS is outside, dancing and singing in the sun. JK is on top of a truck, the lyrics to the song brightly painted on the truck, walls, and billboards. Most of the scenes are inside, and around, establishments like a laundromat and a restaurant.  We haven’t been able to go to these places because of the pandemic.  They’re freely moving in the world, giving us the hand we need to get up and move forward. A chance to have a life back to what we’re used to.

They give a nod, more like a loving salute, to the fanbase ARMY, by floating tons of purple balloons throughout the video.  This is their way of saying “I love you”, a secret handshake between them and the die-hard fans.  They never ever forget to acknowledge the millions of friends that uplift them and bring them to the charts.  It’s a genuine, and mutual, love and appreciation between us and BTS.  They don’t just talk it, they show it. I get giddy when I see them do that, it’s just too cool.  I love them so. 🥰

BTS’ Comeback Permission to Dance

It’s clear the American market is being targeted here as the guys are dressed primarily in cowboy style (chaps included!).  The video seems to have been filmed in the Southwestern desert.  

Around 2018 is when their target for the U.S. market began to gain momentum and they had to play the part.  If you look close enough, their skin is patted with whiter foundation; their hair is straighter and cut to fit an American style; as well as wilder, brighter hair colors to hide the luscious ink-black Asian heritage.  I’m not really a fan of this, I think people would still enjoy them if they had naturally tan skin and dark, thick hair. But it’s part of the business to ease them into the hearts of those not familiar with the K-Pop scene.

Back to the music….

The video represents the mood of the song.  Extras are filmed dancing with each other in different settings that have been ghost towns for the past year.  A school, a diner, an office, and even the bus stop, are now reasons to celebrate freedom. 

This message has always been part of BTS’ music and it’s bringing in a new audience for new reasons.  They started as a hardcore hip-hop group designed to encourage Korean youth to rebel against the unattainable standards of perfection from their parents and society.  They preached about finding their own dreams, how they feel under someone else’s authority, the suffocation of being stifled from pursuing their own life.

Now, we all have been experiencing a terrifying snatch of our freedoms from an invisible disease.  We’ve all been scared s***less, to put it nicely.  We’ve grieved and cried and now we have a light at the end of the tunnel.  BTS’ Comeback Permission to Dance allows us to party.

Not only is the song catchy, but get ready for the Tik Tok compilations that copy the “Happy” style choreography.  It will be a movement, I can guarantee you.  😑

The video is filled with sunshine and bright colors (glowing balloons in dryers, come on!).  The American horizon is as far as the eye can see.  It ends with the laughter of two young children running happily across the screen, with their purple ARMY balloon.  I think these are family members of the band, or their staff’s kids.  BTS is really cute with kids, just saying. 

Listen to the song, get happy, and enjoy where we’re all going.  Mostly, I can’t wait to see how this music changes the world’s mood and gives us that vibe again of enjoying the present life we have.

Get your glasses ready to see these charts pop!!

Happy Summer everyone!

Feel free to give your thoughts below on BTS’ Comeback Permission to Dance.

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