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Indie Developer Sand Sailor Studio has given us the official release of their game Bossgard. The multiplayer Viking themed boss-battler is now out for the Nintendo Switch! Prepare to battle your friends on the Switch as a giant player-controlled boss. Who would win between a giant slice of bread and teams of Viking warriors, rangers, healers, engineers, and necromancers?

What’s The Story?

The Vikings have been denied their chance to fight at Ragnarok. Without a doubt, it is the work of a great unknown evil power. Instead, the world has been fractured into various dimensions that are now owned by giant monsters who defy the Norse gods. Will you join the last remaining Vikings and fight in a party of heroes, or will you take control of the Bosses and dominate the battlefield as a titan?


Key features

  • Connect up to 6 Joy-Con™ controllers and play with or against your friends!

  • Play as one of 6 unique bosses, each one with their own unique powers! Giant bread, huge plungers, evil robots, and more!

  • The Vikings play in teams of up to 5 members and each Viking can play a different role!

  • Pick one of 10 unique Vikings, like Edith the Necromancer, Asha the Engineer, or Brunhilde the Bard.

  • The game features 3 major game modes: Viking vs Boss, Viking vs Viking, and the 3rd person singleplayer Survival mode, where you hunt monsters in search of the final Boss.

  • Play in a group from a top view perspective or solo from a 3rd-person perspective.

  • All characters are customizable with armor sets, weapons, color schemes, and more!

 Bossgard is now available on Switch.
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