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Sony seems to be having an interesting week with lots of news. The latest involving Bluepoint Games again. First Sony announced the studio acquisition of Housemarque, the developer behind Returnal. We also had another studio acquisition in Nixxes. Among these we had Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut announced

What does this have to do with Bluepoint Games?

This is down to PlayStation Japan. When Housemarque was revealed and later on same with Nixxes, they were given a Welcome to the Family picture. However, PlayStation Japan uploaded a similar picture but used Bluepoint’s name and a picture of Demons Souls. And as we know that their most recent release is the PS5 exclusive. Demons Souls. The original error was posted on Twitter by Nibellion.

Naturally, this led to speculation they are also joining PlayStation Studios. It’s more than a typing error especially with the work put into the image. Returnal had a picture of Arlene added next to Aloy and Ellie. This Bluepoint welcome put the knight from Demons Souls between Selene and Aloy. Coming from a legitimate source you could be forgiven for thinking it will help happen.

The image as posted by PlayStation Japan

So Bluepoint are joining PlayStation Studios if not already?

This is where the story becomes interesting. It’s not anything the studio has said as no statement from either them or Sony has been made. It’s more the studio’s actions that caught the eye.

What did they do?

They made a slight alteration to their Bio on Twitter. It reads they are a fully independent self-funded studio. Their recruitment page also received a similar update. So if the acquisition news leaked early, why change this information. The PlayStation Japan welcome picture has both Housemarque and Bluepoint on so it’s not simply a case of wrong information in error. This change along with the Tweet saying they are looking to hire the best talent was the first action on the account since last year makes everything seems strange to say the least.

It wouldn’t be a shock move as Bluepoint Games have worked mostly on PlayStation exclusive titles. Games recently include Demons Souls and Shadow of the Colossus remake. Exceptions are Titanfall for Xbox 360 and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. They are rumored to be remaking Metal Gear Solid but the only information of that was from David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake.

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