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Black clover fans it is time to rejoice, as the series has been quiet since it ended its run backing 2021. With over 170 episodes it did a phenomenal job of adapting most of the story at that point, choosing to end while the manga finished up its final arcs. However, we will finally see the return of the Black Bulls and the rest of the wizard knights. As this summer the Black Clover film Sword of the Wizard King premieres on Netflix this summer!

The Announcement comes from the official anime Netflix account. In the tweet, they debuted the trailer for the upcoming film and it certainly does not hold back. Right off the bat, we see a showdown with Julius, the current wizard king, and a long-dead former wizard king, Conrad.

From there we see what appears to be other former Wizard kings coming back to life as well. Throughout the trailer, we see all the different squads coming to save the kingdom. We see glimpse of Yuno and Bell, Noelle, Yami, and the rest of the cast all fighting a variety of foes. All while Asta works towards taking down Conrad.

The film is set to premiere on June 16th this summer. So it won’t be long before fans of the series can return to the clover kingdom. Right now there is still no confirmation on when we will see a second season. Or a new series picking up at the start of the Devil war arc. This will fill that void for fans waiting for the series to return.

Let us know if you’re excited about the new Black Clover film coming soon. Did you watch the series or are a fan of the manga, let us know in the comments below!

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