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Larian Studios has a mega-hit on its hands, and for someone who podcasts, writes, and creates content about gaming topics. I pray to RNGesus that Baldurs Gates 3 wins Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2023. In a year filled with potential Game of the Year or GOTY nominees. From Hogwarts Legacy to The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. My hope is that Baldurs Gate 3 wins The Game Awards Game of the Year. With the wish that it will put a small damper on the console wars for a few weeks.

No lie, this has been one of the best years to be a gamer for every genre and platform. Diablo IV, Street Fighter 6, Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space Remake, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Remnant 2, Wild Hearts, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Final Fantasy 16, and this does not include the upcoming games.

2023 Will Go Down In History For Great Video Game Releases

You would think with a year full of new IPs, amazing remakes, and fun new additions. That people would barely have time to play most of these games let alone argue about them. But let’s be clear I have not finished most of these games my backlog is ridiculous and I am not above a good debate over video games. However, if Starfield or Spider-Man 2 wins the Game of the Year award gaming social media is going to be set ablaze. I can hear it now Xbox had nothing to do with Starfield’s success or Spider-man 2 is just glorified DLC. Then one of the major outlets or Twitter users is going to make a post and then we are going to end up talking about it till the next big game comes out.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Game Of The Year Nomination May Happen

So not only does Baldur’s Gate 3 deserve to be nominated for Game of the Year because of sales and concurrent players. And that I am having a bunch of fun with it. I also recommend anyone who enjoys CRPGs or RPGS overall to give it a try. But it will put a wet towel over the console wars for a little while.
Even though a certain vocal group online is already claiming Baldur’s Gate 3 as some form of exclusive. But besides that, I know console wars are not new and will never go away. But a small cease-fire and an outlier winning Game of the Year would make for some fresh conversations and content.

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