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Cults, mysterious car-selling preachers, and undercover agents combine in the “choose your own adventure” game, Bahnsen Knights. Developed by LCB Game Studio and published by Chorus Worldwide Games. This interactive text adventure game has some of the most intense pixel art. The art style and color palette are a mix of Mad Max and Sin City. Simple and pure intensity in each frame.

The story of Bahnsen Knights focuses on Boulder, an agent going undercover to infiltrate a religious cult. With the game taking place in Tornado Alley, USA in the late 1980s. Bahnsen Knights are zealots who drive supercharged cars and regularly perform “Route Exorcisms”. The leader of this dastardly organization is a former car salesman by the name of Toni. Boulder is not the first agent to work this case, his partner was originally assigned this mission. However, he was declared missing and you are there to finish the investigation and find out what happened to your partner.

Bahnsen Knights


  • Immerse yourself in the story with its rich, branching narratives and evocative illustrations
  • Decide the fate of characters in ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style gameplay
  • Earn the trust of the Bahnsen Knights to survive the investigation
  • Piece together more of the interconnected world of Pixel Pulps
  • Accessible, brain-tickling puzzles throughout the story… including the return of solitaire!

For $9.99 on PC via Steam, you can get this grim story of survival and discovery right now. Bahnsen Knights is the third solo installment of LCB Game Studio’s “Pixel Pulps” series. Mothmen 1966 and Varney Lake are the other entries that are now available as well. For individuals who enjoy narrative adventures, Bahnsen Knights appears to be a worthwhile experience, as it currently has a positive Steam rating. Additionally, you can download and play the demo if you are uncertain. If you want to read more about LV1 Gaming’s thoughts on text adventure games click here.

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