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The black main color in the co-op playthrough of The Ascent is a menace. I thought the game was experiencing a serious glitch or the mini-map was broken. After a few hours of play and constantly losing the location of my teammate on the map the issue was discovered.

First and foremost when you start your multiplayer playthrough you will have to customize your character. Now it will have you choose your main color. But it won’t tell you this is how you’ll be displayed on your parties minimap. I’m glad that you are able to change the color but wish there was a proper warning to players before starting. I even changed the color of UI thinking this would increase the visibility of the minimap. Alas, it was simply my teammates main color was black and did not have enough contrast against the minimap.

Black Main Color Is Hard To See On Red Minimap

So the minimap when in a combat area turns a translucent red color. It is reminiscent of an old 80’s movie infrared scanner. It is also not made clear that your main color will be the way you show up on the co-op minimap. So once again, when your main color is black you look like a random shadow passing under the minimap. There is even a directional arrow that becomes useless. Moreover, this feature that is meant to aid in the co-op experience is a detriment. The only way to change this once you’ve created your character is at the same location you purchase your augments.

If you are going to play co-op for the love of all things holy please do your team a favor and pick another main color. In the middle of combat in the mostly dark areas, keeping up with the shadow dot is almost impossible. Imagine looking for your downed teammate and all you have is the minimap to utilize.

Black Main Color On The Green Minimap (Hub Areas)

This game has more problems than this, a lot more if I am being honest. Wonky party loot system, game-breaking co-op store experiences (shop one at a time), and loading times are comparable to the previous generation games. If you have Game Pass and friends to run with I would give this game a try but you will quickly see the flaws. Try not to get mad if you’re not paid for items you sell. Also, keep your cool if only a few people at the party get an achievement that you all should have received.

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