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Ahoy Pathfinders! A brand new adventure awaits you on the high seas. “Season 4: The Maelstrom” map has launched for PC and Xbox One. This new map will be replacing the original ATLAS map. Maelstrom is smaller in size to intensify exploration, making it easier to find collaborators or foes as you sail the high seas. The update is live on Steam and Xbox One right now. ATLAS Early access is currently on-sale during the Steam Summer Sale! Atlas Game
The Maelstrom Map has a richer gameplay experience designed in a circular pattern with higher difficulty. It includes more lawless waters in the middle (beware the Kraken!) and safer refuge with additional resources around the world edges for pirates just beginning to sail. Supplies are spread out around the globe to encourage farther world travel. No more homebodies, players must venture out to find all their necessary resources. This is just the first step in a greater plan to shift gameplay from the land out onto the open seas, driving more interaction between players – both competitive and cooperative! Grapeshot Games has plans for regular content updates to the early access pirate MMO. Bring joy and piracy back to the lawless waters, with schemes for Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses, and more! Atlas Game ATLAS pirates will stake their claim in this vast open world while endeavoring to construct custom ships and search for buried treasure. The seafarers will siege and conquer fortresses, plunder traveling merchants, then recruit a crew to join their powerful Armada while engaging in the ultimate quest for fortune and glory! ATLAS has full cross-platform support, allowing Xbox and Steam PC players to battle together in the same gigantic world. The Maelstrom on ATLAS is available now so grab your peg leg, feed your parrot and join the high sea adventures! For the latest raven on news of Atlas keep yer one good eye trained on this here information:
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