As Dusk Falls Announced At Xbox Games Showcase

At Xbox Games Showcase, a brand new title called As Dusk Falls was revealed at the showing. It’s cited to be an “Interactive Drama” that’ll be spanning multiple generations which will be set in the American Southwest. Also, Former lead game developer from Quantic Dream has started a new studio behind the title. The name of the studio is Interior/Night. In addition, the studio will be showing the mistakes of the generation that’ll grow from the next within As Dusk Falls.

Check out the intriguing trailer below.

In conclusion, What do think about As Dusk Falls? Did it seem like something you want to play? Lastly, what was the best part of the trailer? Let us know in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more nerdy goodness, gaming lifestyle, and thought-provoking pieces from Lv1 Gaming!

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