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In the ever-evolving landscape of anime appreciation, a unique form of expression has taken center stage – anime tattoos. Beyond the realm of personal choice, individuals now embrace tattoos for sentimental reasons, paying homage, or simply as an artistic pursuit. A remarkable surge in anime tattoos has unfolded, marking a trend like never seen before. One man and his website stand in the center of it all to help connect the artist with the client.

As the world grappled with the challenges of the pandemic in 2019, people found solace by immersing themselves in the anime universe. The societal perception of anime shifted, and what was once considered nerdy became cool. This cultural shift sparked a surge in anime-related activities, from conventions to cosplay events, and notably, the rising trend and exposure of anime tattoos.

Tattoos as Self-Expression: The Artist-Client Dynamic

While I proudly identify as an anime writer with five anime tattoos myself, from recently released series like Solo Leveling and classics like Full Metal Alchemist and Hunter x Hunter, the focus is on a broader exploration. The personal journey becomes a lens through which you can connect with the collective experience of enthusiasts finding relief and joy in anime during challenging times.

Tattoos in their purest form is just self-expression on both ends. The artist expresses themselves through the style in which they choose to tattoo and the little flair they add to make their piece unique, and the client expresses themselves with the vision of what they want to get done and how they want it to look. Putting those together can create something meaningful and memorable for both parties. In addition, the added sentimentality of what anime can mean to a person makes getting an anime tattoo much more special. To help bridge the gap between clients and artist Ramzees Kennedy created

Ramzees truly has a passion for anime, Code Geass being his favorite, or Code Peak as he called it. He even went as far as to fund my Code Geass tattoo done by the talented Cyn Medina. You can check her and her work out on Instagram @cynxoxotattoos. Along with the passion for anime, he has a passion for tattoos dawning a few himself, he saw a need for the anime community, and boy did he fill it. became a platform showcasing artists and their work that could easily be overlooked with social media algorithms. However, he makes sure they are set up for success in getting their work in front of people who want and need to see it! You can find and follow him on Instagram @animetattooheaven and you will see how he displays artists from around the world and other anime surprises.

To witness the vast showcase of anime tattoo artistry and potential artist giveaways, follow Ramzees on Instagram @animetattooheaven. stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, creativity, and community, and anime, solidifying its place as the connection where artistry and appreciation converge.

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