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When Amnesia: the dark descent launched almost 13 years ago it would go on to be a massive hit. From taking over youtube by being played by major YouTubers at the time, to even spawning several sequels turning into a franchise. A true cinderella story for a small indie game. And the newest game was set to come out in March. However, frictional games announced that the newest entry coming, Amnesia the Bunker is delayed until May.

The post came from their official twitter account posted on the 1st. The news comes out after the twitter account and news on the game has been semi silent. With a launch originally planned for March the news comes shortly before the planned launch.

The team was severely affected by the winter weather this year, having played a major impact on their work. So its good that the team is delaying the game due to the health of everyone involved. So taking a little extra time to put more work into the game will only help. With The Bunker already much different than previous Amnesia games, it will be just a little longer till fans can see the game when it launches on May 16th.

Let us know how you feel that Amnesia the Bunker is delayed. Were you interested in the game, did you know about it let us know below.

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