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October if you’re a survival horror fan is a good period indeed. We already have the release date of Alan Wake 2 which was given at the recent PlayStation Showcase. So for those who missed the news that’s coming on the 17th October. Also due in October is another survival horror and it’s a remake of the classic franchise Alone in the Dark. We brought you news of this reboot about a year ago and now the recent spotlight video gives us some more information as well as the release date.

This news was announced by THQ Nordic today and the date set is currently penciled in for 25th October. It is also available to pre order now on Xbox and PlayStation and has a 10% discount until launch. This is for both the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions. The deluxe edition as an extra has the vintage Horror Filter Pack & Director’s Commentary Mode. However that’s not all, there is a free prologue to the main game.

Alone in the Dark

Alone In The Dark And What We Can Expect

The prologue gives us a strong idea to what we are going to get in terms of performance and from a visual and audio aspect. The remake based on loading the prologue is developed in Unreal Engine 4, sco it isn’t as powerful visually when compared to the remake of Layers of Fear. However they have done an incredible job with the visuals and it still looks well done. The game has confirmed to be starring Jodie Comer (Free Guy, Killing Eve) and David Harbour (Stranger Things).

As for how it looks I have played the prologue which is rather short. Above are my screens and video captured from the demo running on an Xbox Series X. So is this a game you’re looking forward to? As always why not share your thoughts with us.

Alone in the Dark

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