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In May 2010, Remedy released Alan Wake, a psychological action thriller that would go on to become a cult classic. The game introduced players to Alan Wake, the troubled novelist protagonist, who quickly became one of the most iconic characters in Remedy’s catalog. On top of delivering an engaging story and memorable lead, Alan Wake garnered critical acclaim for its unique light-based combat and haunting Pacific Northwest setting.

The Alan Wake IP crossed over into another Remedy title in 2019, appearing as DLC for the studio’s supernatural thriller Control. Then in 2021, Remedy re-released Alan Wake as a remastered version for modern consoles. The remaster reignited interest in the franchise among fans. Not long after, Remedy announced they were working on a full-fledged sequel, the upcoming Alan Wake 2, more than a decade after the original release.

We Have More News To Bring On Alan Wake 2

Push Square reported news from Geoff Keighley. So we know later this month we see Gamescom. Furthermore he’ll be hosting Gamescom Opening Night Live. For those interested that’s on 22nd August. So what makes this important to the upcoming sequel to Alan Wake, let’s find out.

So we see a new reveal of the game. What’s interesting is at the time of writing, this is after the game’s release. However, the deluxe edition includes the following.

  • Night Springs Expansion (additional story content)**
  • Lake House Expansion (additional story content)**

**Additional story content available post-launch, more to be unveiled later.

So could we see more on these expansions as it is promised more information later? That would be the most likely scenario as the game is due for release about a week prior. Either way, we will find out in just over a week.

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