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I started this backlog journey because I am in a situation where I can afford to buy the games that I want but don’t have the time to complete them. So a while back I started documenting my journey through my backlog here at LV1 Gaming. Overall this has been a positive experience, actually completing games instead of buying them and playing them then moving on like I have the attention span of the dog from Up. Even though some open-world RPG or multiplayer shooter with no story comes along and throws me off track.

Barely Completed Fallout 4… Such A Fraud

Let us start this off with one of my most shamefully unfinished games, Fallout 4. Yes, I know, and yes it is true I barely beat Fallout 4 last week. It was funny because zooming through the story missions I realized I only had three left to complete the story. Of course, I still have endless settlements to save. Along with plenty of other side missions but the main story is complete. Let’s just say in the end I double-crossed the Institute.

Moving on, I got a heavy dose of nostalgia with Symphony of War. This game was the love child of Fire Emblem and Ogre Battle. Ogre Battle 64 forever changed the way I look at video games and even became my favorite genre. So when I got to experience a modern take on the tactical RPG gameplay I was hooked. Even wrote a review about it which you can find here.

Finally, I beat two of the Shadowrun games, Hong Kong, and Returns. Ok, I have to be honest here I did not technically beat Shadowrun Hong Kong. But it was for a valid reason, the game kept glitching on the final mission. I tried so many times to work around it but just a hard stop with the game.

So The Next Backlog Game I’ll Actually Complete

I honestly don’t know, I have been playing Battlefield 2042 (I know throw tomatoes at me later), Valheim, and Stoneshard. One of those games has no story, and the other two, technically, don’t have an ending as of yet; being that they are still in early access. I might actually jump back in and restart Final Fantasy XV. I decree it here and now that I will attempt to boot back up FFXV with the goal of actually completing it.

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