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Activision Blizzard staff who were based at the Versailles office have told Bloomberg that this office is going to be shut down.  The Versailles office was responsible for the marketing and customer support as well as game localisation for the titles published in Europe.
Activision Blizzard said February 2019 that despite them announcing record revenues of $7.5 billion at end of 2018 they were reducing their headcount by 8% in 2019. This was to result in roughly 800 job losses, which were mostly support staff. They also planned to relocate half of the workforce to London but due to Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic, this move never happened. One positive thing from all this is that the French Labor Laws make companies negotiate compensation for employees caught in this kind of a mess. Don’t forget to take a minute to check out the rest of the site. We have news on some games that will be skipping the PlayStation 5. Did you hear the most recent news about Godfall? We have that and more on

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