A Sit down With Winterborn Games-Developer Interview

Welcome to A Sit down With Winterborn Games! In this Lv1 Gaming Original, we got to sit down with the Winterborn Games head of studio Kent Gambill and Social Media Manager Trevor Osz. We talked about their game the excellent Externus: Path of the Solari, and Game development as an indie studio. Additionally, we talked about the challenges and trials of making a game and much more! Follow the Lv1 Gaming social media and website for more original content! Show the video some love and go Support the Winterborn Games team and all the amazing work they are doing!

Follow the Twitter: https://twitter.com/WinterbornGames?s=20

If you would like to support the game please visit the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winterborngames/externus-path-of-the-solari?ref=card

Interested in the people behind the studio? https://www.winterborngames.com Interested in Externus: Path of the Solari? https://externusgame.com/

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